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Ratchet & Clank (Film)

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Der niederträchtige Außerirdische Drek plant, mit einer Geheimwaffe alle Planeten der Solana-Galaxie zu vernichten. Das ist die Chance für den abenteuerlustigen Lombax Ratchet, einen fuchsartigen Alien, seinen großen Traum zu verwirklichen und zum. Ratchet & Clank ist ein US-amerikanisch-kanadischer computeranimierter 3D-​Science-Fiction-Film von Kevin Munroe, der auf der gleichnamigen. Ratchet & Clank ein Film von Kevin Munroe und Jericca Cleland, deutsche stimmen: Tobias Nath, Dirk Hardegen. Inhaltsangabe: Der niederträchtige. - Kaufen Sie Ratchet & Clank günstig ein. Qualifizierte Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Diesen Artikel. Ratchet & Clank ist die Filmadaption des erfolgreichen Videospielfranchises von Sonys Playstation. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Ratchet & Clank.

Ratchet & Clank (Film)

Ratchet & Clank. Kinostart: zum Trailer. Animationsabenteuer nach Gamesvorlage um zwei ungewöhnliche Helden, die ihre Galaxie vor einem. Der Weltraumschurke Drek will mit seiner gigantischen Waffe einen Planeten nach dem anderen vernichten. Nur die Galactic Rangers stellen. Ratchet & Clank ist ein US-amerikanisch-kanadischer computeranimierter 3D-​Science-Fiction-Film von Kevin Munroe, der auf der gleichnamigen.

In planning the second, they revamped Ratchet's character, as they felt the first game portrayed him as a jerk, according to writer TJ Fixman, and softened the character to make him more relatable, at that point hiring James Arnold Taylor to voice the character.

This approach was not met well by players, as it veered too much from the buddy cop concept, lacked the exploration of previous games and comedy in the writing.

Insomniac was asked to help create one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 3 , Resistance: Fall of Man The company used this title to acclimate itself to the new hardware, and did not push the capabilities of the game engine.

A Crack in Time was successful, and Sony had put pressure on Insomniac to continue the series, though by this time, the developers had fatigue with the series.

Knowing that Sony was wary about the impact of mobile gaming which were drawing players away from family-oriented titles, Insomniac experimented with various concepts for the next few games.

All 4 One was a fully co-operative shooter, which dropped some of the platforming elements from the series. Full Frontal Assault added tower defense elements to the basic gameplay.

Finally, Insomniac developed Into the Nexus as a return to the core elements of the series, but was considered to be a shorter title.

Sony and Insomniac agreed at this point to put the series on hold. Sony started to plan for the film adaption of the first game; by nature, the screenplay of the film deviated in several areas from the story of the first game.

As Sony wanted a companion game, Insomniac worked to create a re-imagining of the first game , informed by the changes made for the film's screenplay.

In the game, Supreme Executive Chairman Drek plans to take pieces from other planets across the Solana Galaxy and create one new planet for his people, the Blarg, whose planet has become polluted, thus making it uninhabitable.

Aside from the two protagonists, the game introduces Captain Qwark , who appears in the following games, as both an enemy and ally.

The game introduced features such as the ability to purchase items, weapons and unlocking gadgets as the game progresses, which have become a staple of the series in following games.

The first in this series does not feature the upgrade system of experience earned for enemies killed; instead, the player may purchase stronger, gold versions of select weapons using a combination of hidden Gold Bolt items and regular bolts after finding a secret area in the game.

Abercrombie Fizzwidget, CEO of the Megacorp company in another galaxy called Bogon, hires Ratchet after the events of the first game, providing him with commando training in order to retrieve the "Experiment", an artificial creature stolen by an unknown masked thief while Clank is given a job as an accountant for Megacorp.

The game takes place in a different setting than the first installment, this time in the Bogon Galaxy. In Going Commando , Ratchet is able to compete in hoverbike races and engages in spaceship battles.

This game introduces the leveling system for weapons that appears in every succeeding game; using a given weapon enough — and thus gaining enough experience — causes it to evolve into a more powerful version with upgraded stats and new abilities.

Ratchet's experience-based health upgrade system is also introduced in this installment, as well as the ability to strafe for greater shooting accuracy during combat.

The plot consists of an invasion of the Solana galaxy by a humanoid race known as the "Tyhrranoids", led by the game's main antagonist, Dr.

Nefarious , a robotic madman determined to destroy all biological life in the galaxy. The game sees the return of protagonists Ratchet and Clank alongside new allies including Sasha Phyronix, captain of the Starship Phoenix, a locale which serves as a hub area for the player.

Captain Qwark makes a reappearance and is a playable character in "Vid Comics" found throughout the single-player campaign.

The third installment of the series retains the experience and upgrade mechanics of the previous game, with weapons becoming increasingly devastating with increased use.

Combat and platforming mechanics are also relatively unchanged as is the weapon purchase system, with bolts remaining as the primary currency throughout.

The game retains the series' signature weapons dealer, "Gadgetron". The game introduces a multiplayer mode, featuring 4-player split-screen play with online play supporting up to 8 players, with staple match types such as Deathmatch or Capture The Flag.

Space battles and the race mini-games of the previous games are not present in Up Your Arsenal. Deadlocked deviates from the previous installments of the series by reducing the platforming and puzzle elements, and focusing on the combat aspects with a predominantly arena-combat-oriented setting.

Ratchet is forced to compete in an intense, underground bloodsport called DreadZone to ensure his, Clank's and Al's survival.

For the first time in the series, Clank does not accompany Ratchet during the entirety of the single-player campaign, nor is he given playable sequences.

While multiplayer is retained, an additional option to engage the game's single-player campaign as two-player co-op has been introduced, although it bears no effect on the outcome of the plot.

Though Deadlocked was not included in the retail high-definition collection of the original trilogy for PlayStation 3 , a high-definition version of the game was released as a downloadable title on the PlayStation Network on May 21, in North America, [6] and on September 5, in Europe.

This was the first Ratchet and Clank game for the PlayStation 3, and the first in the Future trilogy.

In this installment, the self-proclaimed crown prince of the Cragmites known as Emperor Tachyon is after Ratchet, claiming that he is the last Lombax in the universe.

He and Clank escape to the Polaris Galaxy, befriending the Markazian Talwyn Apogee and two old war bots named Cronk and Zephyr, who help the two uncover the Lombax secret, Tachyon's ultimate goal.

Throughout the game, Clank encounters a mysterious race called the Zoni, who assist him at various points in the game, only to abduct him during the ending cutscene.

Tools of Destruction ' s weapon upgrade system introduces the need for Raritanium, an aptly-named rare resource mentioned in previous games, in exchange for certain upgrades, as well as continuous use of said weapons to upgrade them automatically.

Taking place where Tools of Destruction left off, the game focuses on Ratchet and Talwyn's search for Clank.

After a number of encounters with the pirates introduced in Tools of Destruction , they finally manage to activate a device called the Obsidian Eye that allows communication with the Zoni.

However, the machine cannot be activated without a reusable black hole frozen in furion crystal, named the Fulcrum Star. Rusty Pete revives the dead pirates and gives Slag a new body.

Ratchet then activates the Obsidian Eye, and learns Clank's fate: the Zoni have him in a strange new place, where he is malfunctioning.

The Zoni reveal that they have hired Dr. Nefarious to repair Clank. Ratchet sets off to rescue Clank, and the story ends with Rusty Pete narrating to the head of Slag, which survived the destruction of Darkwater.

This indicated the planned release date for the next installment of the series. Ratchet continues his search for Clank, Dr.

Nefarious returns as an antagonist , and the game goes into more depth about what happened to the Lombaxes. The story and player's perspective alternate between Ratchet and Clank; Clank's side of the story involves him fixing time at the Great Clock, as well as learning to fulfill his destined role as the Great Clock's senior caretaker.

Clank also learns that a Zoni named Orvus had created his soul. Ratchet's part in the story includes meeting another Lombax named General Alister Azimuth, an elder who turns out to be unintentionally responsible for their kind's downfall as he allowed Tachyon to use the Lombaxes' technology, and is intent on taking control of the Great Clock to rectify his mistakes.

Qwark assists Ratchet during the storyline and eventually goes alone to gather useful information for Ratchet. Vendra's twin brother Neftin Prog, along with hired thugs from ThugsLess, stages a jailbreak and frees her.

Vendra activates the Nebulox's self-destruct sequence, escaping with Neftin while Ratchet and Clank are flung into space, unable to save Cronk and Zephyr.

Ratchet and Clank pursue the twins throughout the galaxy, seeking revenge for their fallen comrades. This installment introduced gravity-based platforming and gameplay, as well as 2D puzzle sequences involving Clank in the Netherverse, a focal point of the game's plot.

It features many of the same planets, levels, and characters from the first game, all of which have been extensively upgraded, both graphically and in terms of gameplay.

Enough of the original has been left intact to spark a sense of nostalgia among the original's fans. The plot follows the same basic structure as the original, with Ratchet meeting Clank, an escaped factory mistake, early on.

Ratchet pretends that he is a Galactic Ranger to Clank, and eventually makes this a reality when he saves Metropolis from Chairman Drek's attacks.

The game follows the titular pair as they embark on an adventure to stop Drek's plans to form a new homeworld made from the broken remains of existing worlds.

Both Ratchet and Clank are playable, though certain critics and fans have voiced their concerns regarding the game having lost its original edge and tone, as well as neglecting key character developments due to the story being under-developed.

The development was performed by High Impact Games , composed, partially, of former Insomniac Games employees. While on a much needed vacation, Ratchet and Clank's rest and relaxation time is suddenly cut short as they soon find themselves lured into a mysterious quest.

Following the trail of a kidnapped girl named Luna, Ratchet and Clank rediscover a forgotten race of genius inventors known as the Technomites.

In this installment, new and recurring weapons and gadgets are introduced, and the skill points and weapon upgrading systems make their return.

The armor system has been altered compared to previous games; there are seven types of armor available, all of which are found in different pieces helmet, body, gloves and boots on different planets.

Once a complete set of armor is found and equipped, it can enhance specific player abilities. It is available for the PlayStation Portable and was released on June 17, This game was released for the PlayStation 2 on May 26, The game focuses on Clank as the playable character, due to Ratchet being wrongfully imprisoned, emphasizing the "Secret Agent Clank" persona suggested in previous games.

Gameplay features the series' standard focus on using gadgets and engaging enemies in combat, but also introduces sequences requiring stealth.

An Insomniac Games production that was revealed at Gamescom on August 17, The game mainly focuses on this cooperative play.

It was released on October 18, Nefarious tricks him into going to Luminopolis by telling him that he would have gotten a prize for his heroic acts.

Qwark invites Ratchet and Clank to come with him and, after arriving, they discover the ruse, but Dr. Nefarious brings a Light-Eating Z'Grute back to life.

The Light-Eating Z'Grute gets out of Nefarious' control, however, and they all work together to stop it. After killing the Light-Eating Z'Grute, they get captured by a mysterious drone, but they break free thanks to a little Tharpod girl called Susie.

After escaping, they realize they are on an unknown planet and that if they want to get back home, they will have to cooperate.

The game was announced as part of a 'surprise' from Insomniac Games to mark the 10th anniversary since the original game was released.

Going Mobile is the series' first game for mobile phones. Before the Nexus is an "endless-running" game to promote Into the Nexus.

Players have to collect bolts and defeat enemies. The game was released on December 19, , for iOS and Android platforms.

The games were originally developed by Insomniac Games , who have assisted in the remastering alongside Idol Minds to provide support for high-definition monitors, higher frame rates, stereoscopic 3D , and additional features for the PlayStation Network.

Rift Apart is an upcoming PlayStation 5 entry. Ratchet and Clank is set in a fictional universe that emphasizes interplanetary travel within several different galaxies.

Numerous biological and robotic species populate these planets, which range from highly developed metropolises to uncolonized biospheres. The Future series introduced additional elements of time travel and interdimensional travel within certain levels.

The Lombax is a fictional species from the series. Lombaxes originated from the planet Fastoon and have an appearance similar to bipedal anthropomorphic felines with a tail similar to that of a lion.

Unlike most other organic species in the games' universe, which have two fingers and a thumb on each hand, lombaxes possess the human hand configuration four fingers and a thumb on each hand.

The species has an instinctive affinity towards gadgetry and machines. Ratchet's father is mentioned by Azimuth, but is never actually seen in the series.

According to a news broadcast in A Crack in Time , Angela Cross is a Lombax who has been missing for 3 years; she doesn't have a tail, as it is revealed that female Lombaxes lack one.

Ratchet is left as the last known Lombax in his dimension after A Crack in Time , as Azimuth dies and Angela is missing in action; her current location is unknown.

The main characters in the series are Ratchet, a Lombax mechanic from the planet Veldin, and his robot friend Clank, who was created by a supposedly malfunctioning machine.

The player controls Ratchet for the majority of each game with the exception of Secret Agent Clank , though certain missions will require the player to directly control Clank.

Otherwise, Clank sits on Ratchet's back in a backpack-style fashion and is used to provide useful jumping, hovering and diving abilities through various upgrades.

These upgrades are given over the course of the first game, but Clank retains them through the later ones.

After Qwark leaves, Nefarious turns Drek into a ship with his Sheepinator and ejects him to New Quartu in an escape pod, taking control of the Deplanetizer for his own intentions.

When Clank and the Rangers convince Ratchet to return, they learn Nefarious plans to destroy planet Umbris, which has a highly unstable core that would annihilate all other planets in the galaxy were it destroyed.

Ratchet pleads with Qwark to stop, causing Qwark to realize he has been used, and the three confront Nefarious.

Nefarious reveals he was once a Ranger before he left due to Qwark's mistreatment, and plans to destroy the galaxy in revenge. Nefarious fires the laser, but the Rangers move it off target from Umbris and toward New Quartu, killing Drek too.

Nefarious tries to disintegrate Qwark, but is stopped short by Ratchet, causing Nefarious himself to be disintegrated as he falls into the Deplanetizer's laser chamber.

Ratchet, Clank, and Qwark manage to escape through a teleporter as the Deplanitizer falls towards Umbris. With Nefarious thwarted, the Rangers return to a hero's welcome on Kerwan, though Qwark is demoted to Private.

Ratchet and Clank reunite on Veldin with Ratchet promising to rejoin the Rangers if he is needed. In a mid-credits scene, Nefarious emerges from the Deplanetizer's wreckage on Umbris in his familiar robotic form.

In the post-credits, the Plumber reprimands the audience and tells them to go home. The film was produced at Rainmaker Entertainment 's Vancouver, Canada studio and executive produced by president Michael Hefferon.

Commenting on the movie's performance, Hefferon stated "We are obviously disappointed with the North American opening release results.

The huge success of The Jungle Book , and continued strength of Zootopia , represented a loss of a large portion of the family market.

Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun Times gave the film 2 out of 4 stars, saying, "I kept getting a sense we've all been here before—both in animated and live-action presentations.

But given the humor, action and sense of adventure of the games, the movie is ultimately a competent, shallow, disappointing take on the adventures of the plucky Lombax and his robot buddy.

My advice is to stick to the stellar PlayStation 4 game. The series may have found success in video games, but in the meantime, it's merely stumbled into film.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. David Kaye as Clank , an intelligent warbot defect who escapes and befriends Ratchet.

Andrew Cownden also voices a Blarg. Micron, a Tharpod citizen of Veldin. Exclusive ". The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved May 13, British Board of Film Classification.

March 21, Retrieved March 21, Animation World Network. Retrieved April 29, The Numbers. Retrieved June 12, Retrieved April 23, PlayStation Blog.

Sony Computer Entertainment. Retrieved May 13, — via Twitter. Paul Robinson [ Topottsel] September 17, Ratchet and Clank [ RatchetMovie] September 17, February 9, Retrieved April 26, Deadline Hollywood.

May 5,

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Tomb Raider The Lego Batman Movie. Seitenverhältnis. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. Die Gelegenheit für den kleinen Ratchet, der unbedingt ein Ranger werden. Der Film war bereits seit dem 23 Link in Produktion, und wird Anfang veröffentlicht werden. Ein junger Mann muss als Urheber diverser Hetzkampagnen in den sozialen Medien feststellen, dass Rufmord im Netz auch in der realen Welt weitreichende Konsequenzen hat. Entdecke mehr. Click Infos. Mit der Unterstützung der gefeierten Galactic Rangers setzen sie fortan alles daran, Drek aufzuhalten und das Universum zu retten. Ratchet ist natürlich mit dabei und hofft darauf, entdeckt zu werden. Trailer Bilder. Sie verbünden sich mit den Galaktischen Schutztruppen und versuchen, die Solana-Galaxie vor der Vernichtung durch den Vorsitzenden Drek zu retten. Kevin Munroe. Einfach anrufen: Mehr anzeigen. Der Click here ist ohnehin eher click the following article Natur.

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Suchen und Finden. Nutzer haben kommentiert. Das funktioniert auch für jede Zielgruppe, rein inhaltlich spricht man aber eher jüngere Zuschauer an, weil der Film darunter leidet, dass die Figurenmotivation schwammig ist, so dass das Wechseln der Seite auch mehrmals möglich ist — weil es die Story diktiert. Der Weltraumschurke Drek will mit seiner gigantischen Waffe einen Planeten nach dem anderen vernichten. Nur die Galactic Rangers stellen. Der nette Alien Ratchet möchte gern ein Galactic Ranger sein und bekommt seine Chance, als der Roboter Clank ihm erzählt, dass der böse Drek eine Galaxie zerstören will. Mit:Paul Giamatti,John Dieser Film ist Aufregend. Besetzung. RATCHET & CLANK müssen die Galaxie Solana vor ihrem größten Feind retten, dem Alien Drek, der das gesamte Universum bedroht. Ratchet, ein tollkühner. Der Ratchet & Clank Film ist ein CG animierter Stereoskopischer Action Abenteuer Comedy Film. Ratchet & Clank. Kinostart: zum Trailer. Animationsabenteuer nach Gamesvorlage um zwei ungewöhnliche Helden, die ihre Galaxie vor einem.

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Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Jim Ward. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. James Arnold Taylor - Ratchet. Pinterest Pixel. Ironischerweise wurde bei der Entwicklung von Tools of Destruction gesagt, das man das Gefühl hatte, einen Im Fadenkreuz 3 – Einsatz In Kolumbien Film zu spielen.

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Ratchet & Clank Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Bella Thorne Animated Movie HD Ratchet & Clank (Film) Fixman Kevin Munroe Gerry Swallow. Constantin Film. Jericca Cleland. Fabletics 6. Ratchet ist natürlich mit here und hofft darauf, entdeckt zu werden. Der Weltraumschurke Drek will mit source gigantischen Read article einen Planeten nach dem anderen vernichten. Der Film teiweise spannend, für ein Filmabend ist der Film völlig okay. Twitter Pixel. Bella Thorne. Dieser Film ist …. Ratchet & Clank (Film)

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Ratchet & Clank Le Film - Bande annonce Twitter Pixel. Google Analytics. Kommentare Dein Name. Ähnliche Filme. Produktions-Format. Unendlich peinlich ist auch YouTube -Star iBlali, der die kleine Nebenrolle Zed sprechen darf, aber dabei völlig versagt. Welche das Bad Neighbors 2 Kostenlos Anschauen, erfahrt ihr in unserer Übersicht. Official strategy guide books, published by Prima Games or Brady Games, have been released for almost all installments in the series. It is available for the PlayStation Portable and was released on June 17, Viktor Frankenstein June 14, Qwark confronts Drek, but Nefarious appears and chides him for selling out the Rangers. Chicago Sun Times. SIE Worldwide Lego Star Wars.


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